Acoustic Panels

Whenever sound absorption is a priority


Tripanel Custom Acoustic (TPCA)

Tripanel Custom Acoustic with a thickness of 1-1/2”, is especially good for sound absorption and reflection reduction. Faced with 1/8″ 10 pound density molded fiberglass, Tripanel Custom Acoustic comes with solid poplar wood framing and can be covered with fabric. Tripanel Custom Acoustic is ideal anywhere noise is a problem, including:

  • Conference Room Walls
  • Recording Studios
  • Office Partitions
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Boat Interiors
  • Auditorium and Sound Panels

Tripanel Acoustic (TPA)

Tricel also offers our standard Tripanel Acoustic, faced with the same fiberglass skins with a panel thickness of only 5/8″. The edges can be finished with our Tripanel Shapes U-channel extrusions. When covered with fabric, these lightweight panels can be mounted directly to existing walls for effective sound absorption.

Both Tripanel Custom Acoustic and Tripanel Acoustic, with their sound absorbing properties, help keep the outside noises out and inside noises greatly reduced.