A Core Beyond Compare


The automotive industry has been paying close attention to vehicle weight for many decades since it has a direct impact on driving dynamics, vehicle agility, and fuel consumption. The introduction of CO2 emissions targets and correlated penalties continues to spark the conversation with an even stronger focus on weight reduction as a lever to minimize fuel consumption.

The leader in honeycomb core material, Tricel first introduced the honeycomb core material to the fiberglass truck cap industry in the early 70s, and continues as the preeminent cost-effective core material used today. New technologies and innovative uses for the Tricel product are continually being developed for additional interior applications, such as sunroof shades, load floors, and headliners.

Truck Caps

Tricel Corporation is the official supplier to every major truck cap manufacturer in the United States and Canada. Our industry experience and engineering expertise provides valuable support to these manufacturers.

Sunroof Shades / Load Floors

The Tricel product is a lighter, stronger, less expensive, and a more environmentally friendly option than the traditional materials that have been used by auto manufacturers. Tricel provides valuable engineering expertise with regards to new product applications and innovative uses for honeycomb core material.

Truck Cap

Most truck caps and tonneaus produced in the U.S. (and many overseas) contain our material.

Automotive load floor

Cut-away view of Automotive load floor using Tricel Honeycomb