There’s a Better Way to Trim 4000 lbs

The best way to gain speed and fuel economy…lose weight. Tricel Honeycomb panels are as strong as plywood for bulk heads, cabinetry, and furniture. But Tricel Honeycomb panels can weigh up to 80% less than plywood, which means you can design and build the luxury customers expect, while giving them the economic benefits and operating performance they demand.


Galley Cabinetry

Galley cabinetry and counter tops are easily assembled from TPM panels. Thin solid surface materials or HPL can be bonded to TPM for additional weight savings. Curved doors can be fabricated using the kerf, glue, and clamp method.

Fine Cabinetry

Fine cabinetry can be fabricated with TPM and radius corners are easily formed by kerfing the back skin. Doors and lift lids are a snap and with minimal weight, greatly reducing the chance of injured fingers.


Berths are fabricated using Tripanel/125LPDF to significantly reduce the weight from conventional building techniques.

Bunk Beds

Lightweight bunk beds can be fabricated with Tripanel/125LPDF by cleating the three sides to adjacent Tripanel/125LPDF bulkheads. The front is finished off with a “C” rail which acts as a stiffener and a stop to hold the mattress in place. Removable hatches for lower bunks can also be made from Tripanel/125LPDF.


Settees are made with little or no interior framing, similar to berths. Lift lids of Tripanel/125LPDF also add to weight savings, as does the fabrication of tables and other occasional furniture.


Full height Tripanel/125LPDF bulkheads for passage ways can be installed by bonding a cleat to the sole and securing the bulkhead in place. Attach to the upper deck by using a “T” cleat. Additional stiffness is achieved by using “J” moldings for door jambs. Doors are fabricated from Tripanel/125LPDF or Tripanel/Xterior for additional weight savings.