Tricel Advantage


Lightweight materials and innovative ways to incorporate them into new product designs are becoming increasingly important in a wide range of industries. Tricel Honeycomb provides an extremely strong and recyclable option for greatly reducing weight, while maintaining structural integrity.

TRICEL Honeycomb is a kraft paper product fabricated to form a continuous series of triangular cells, similar in appearance to the cross section of corrugated board. It is the core material that is then bonded to facing materials to form sandwich panels. TRICEL Honeycomb provides outstanding value for its level of strength and rigidity, and is recognized for providing the most economical strength-to-weight ratios available today.

The key is in the design. TRICEL Honeycomb cores are up to 95% open space, with a density of one to three pounds per cubic foot. When bonded to a facing material on both sides, the resulting I-beam-like performance carries shear, bending, and compressive loads. And… like an I-beam web, the thicker the honeycomb, the greater its load carrying capacity.

TRICEL Honeycomb is exceptionally versatile. Its thickness and density can be adapted to any design challenge. It can be bonded to an infinite variety of facing materials, and it can be sized, shaped, and curved to adapt to virtually any application.

TRICEL Honeycomb’s versatility makes it ideal for solving design challenges in a vast range of industries including: Automotive, Construction, Transportation, Contract Office Furnishings, Marine Applications, Trade Show Booth and Exhibit Building, Signage, Displays, and Packing.

Honeycomb and the appropriate facing materials can provide exceptional acoustic and thermal insulating properties. Other features which contribute to the versatility of TRICEL include:

  • A wide range of specifications – basis weight of kraft paper, honeycomb thickness, cell size, and resin content can all be matched to the application.
  • Different thickness – from .4″ to 5″ in increments of .005″.
  • Phenolic resins – to enhance strength and to help resist moisture, fungus, insects, and vermin.

In addition, Honeycomb cores are easy to handle. They can be cut with a knife, band saw, or power saw. They are also very cost effective, making them an ideal alternative when fiberglass, particleboard, foam, Balsa, or plywood is cost prohibitive.